<Nefarious> vs The Yrlwalach (Normal mode)

Started: 16/04/2015 11:21:03 AM Fight Length: 00:05:06

0 damage done per second
50024 healing done per second
44625 absorption granted per second

Boss: The Yrlwalach Instance: Mount Sharax Deaths: 3
Guild: <Nefarious> Uploaded by: Hewi    
NPC Casts seen: Rippling Infinity (The Yrlwalach)
Debuffs seen: Ashen Defense, Battle Weary, Bitter Aftertaste, Blazing Light, Bond of Pain, Burnout, Censure, Claw Swipe, Clinging Spirit, Communal Suffering, Conductivity, Corroded Defense, Corrosive Spores, Crumbling Resistance, Cutting Slash, Dark Touch, Decaying Defenses, Dire Corruption, Dusk to Dawn, Electric Field, Enrage, Explosive Infestation, Expose Weakness, Fester, Fiery Spike, Flesh Rip, Flesh Rot, Flood of Light, Hailstorm, Hemophilia, Icy Carapace, Infestation, Insignia of Protection, Life Leech, Living Storm, Lucent Slash, Marrow Harvest, Messy Wounds, Necrotic Wounds, Neddra's Grasp, Piercing Beam, Provoke, Puncture, Radiant Spores, Raging Storm, Rejuvenated, Rippling Infinity, Ruin, Sanction, Scourge, Siphon Vitality, Soul Brand, Soul Sickness, Storm Fury, Storm Locus, Symbol of Corruption, Tearing Slash, Tenebrious Distortion, Twin Cuts, Vex, Vile Spores, Void Life, Volcanic Bomb, Vorpal Slash, Wasting Insignia, When Infinity Stares Back, Withering Vine
Buffs seen: Annihilation Crystal, Arcane Aegis, Arcanist's Shield, Ashen Defense, Avenging Shield, Battle Fury, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Boon of Life, Break Free, Call of Blood, Call of Kinship, Call of Savagery, Call of Stone, Call of the Forest, Caregiver's Blessing, Combat Alacrity, Consuming Fissure, Crumbling Resistance, Dark Malady, Defend the Fallen, Dire Step, Discerning Wave, Diversify, Divine Right, Earthen Barrage, Ebon Fury, Echoing Concord, Eldritch Crystal, Eldritch Gift, Electrified, Electrify, Emblem of Alacrity, Emblem of Ice, Emptiness, Enrage, Entropic Veil, Faith's Freedom, Faith's Reward, Fanaticism, Feast of the Fallen, Feed the Flames, Fierce Strike, Fiery Will, Flame of Life, Flaring Power, Flashover, Fortification of Ice, Foul Growth, Gathering of Flames, Gladiator Combat Training, Healing Balance, Hideous Reconstruction, Husk of Indifference, Insignia of Protection, Inspiration of Battle, Inspiration of Survival, Inspiration of the Keep, Intensify Elements, Juke and Run, Just Defense, Latent Blaze, Lava Field, Life and Death Concord, Lifebound Veil, Lifegiving Veil, Light Makes Right, Lightning Blade, Living Storm, Meditation, Mental Resilience, Nightrage, Opportunity, Petrified Barnacle Rune, Phenomenal Bottle of Critical Strikes, Poison Malice, Precept of Refuge, Precision Strikes, Premonition, Primal Lucidity, Radical Coalescence, Rage, Reckoning, Rending Shield, Renewing Seed, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Resplendent Embrace, Resuscitating Chant, Ride the Wind, Rite of the Forge, Sacrifice Life: Damage, Salvaged Tablet, Shared Vigor, Sign of Daring, Sign of Faith, Slip Away, Soul Steal, Sparking Destruction, Spiritual Conflagration, Static Flux, Stealth, Summon Beacon of Despair, Symbol of the Sun, Synthesis, Total Assurance, Touch the Light, Vital Inspiration, Vitality of Stone, Volcanic Bomb, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warmaster's Crystal, Wild Growth, Zealotry

Raid Makeup

1 14 2 3

Tanks: Hewi
DPS: Ahkaren, Lysema, Archymage, Delorrian, Neeb, Bab, Parkhyeyeon, Rampid, Crazzed, Dorikan, Kilaron, Noman, Rompalstomp, Xylarisa
Supports: Tigert, Farore
Healers: Meguro, Amphe, Orisida

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