<Abt-Ru-Shin> vs Estrode (Normal mode)

Started: 11/10/2015 7:31:40 PM Fight Length: 00:08:59

0 damage done per second
35162 healing done per second
50661 absorption granted per second

Boss: Estrode Instance: Hammerknell Fortress Deaths: 0
Guild: <Abt-Ru-Shin> Uploaded by: Bamu    
NPC Casts seen: Chastise (Estrode), Dancing Steel (Estrode), Land Mines (Estrode), Living Flame (Estrode), Neddra's Grasp (Estrode), Rage of the North (Estrode), Soul Capture (Estrode)
Debuffs seen: Accelerant, Ashen Defense, Barbed Shot, Battle Weary, Binding Will, Blademark, Blight, Burnout, Caltrop Charge, Clinging Spirit, Conductivity, Corroded Defense, Corrosive Spores, Countdown, Creeping Death, Crumbling Resistance, Curse of Solitude, Curse of the Soul Reaper, Death Touch, Dire Corruption, Embers Bomb, Explosive Infestation, Eye of the Storm, Fester, Flame Volley, Flood of Light, Hailstorm, Icicle, Infestation, Inflame, Insignia of Protection, Instigate, Lightning Fury, Living Storm, Necrosis, Neddra's Grasp, Power Sink, Radiant Spores, Raging Storm, Rejuvenated, Rift Disturbance, Ruin, Sanction, Scourge, Sergeant's Order, Soul Brand, Soul Capture, Spike Charge, Splinter Bomb, Spotter's Order, Storm Fury, Storm Locus, Symbiotic Backlash, Symbol of Corruption, Titan's Strike, Unstable Energy, Vex, Vile Spores, Volcanic Bomb, Wasting Insignia, Withering Vine
Buffs seen: Adrenaline Overdrive, Aegis of Advocacy, Aggressive Defense, Ameliorate, Arcanist's Shield, Archaic Tablet, Ashen Defense, Avenging Shield, Battle Fury, Blessing of Flame, Boon of Life, Break Free, Bull's Eye, Burning Shield, Caregiver's Blessing, Carpet Bombing, Cleansing Chant, Cloak of Death, Combat Alacrity, Continuous Treatment, Corrective Measures, Crest of Entropy, Crumbling Resistance, Dancing Steel, Defend the Fallen, Dire Step, Diversify, Earthen Barrage, Echoing Concord, Eldritch Crystal, Electrified, Emblem of Alacrity, Emblem of Ice, Entropic Veil, Faith's Reward, Fanaticism, Feed the Flames, Fiery Will, Flame of Life, Flaring Power, Flashover, Fortification of Ice, Gathering of Flames, Gladiator Combat Training, Hasted Shot, Healing Balance, Heat Wave, Impassable Guard, Improved Flame Bolt, Innate Fire, Insignia of Protection, Inspiration of Battle, Inspiration of Survival, Inspiration of the Keep, Internalize Charge, Lava Field, Life and Death Concord, Living Flame, Living Storm, Mass Casualty Response, Meditation, Mental Cynosure, Mental Resilience, Mind Break Stun Blocker, Mistress of the Rift, On the Double, Petrified Barnacle Rune, Petrified Rune, Phantom Blow, Power Sink, Precision Strikes, Premonition, Pyromancer's Blessing, Pyromancer's Fury, Pyromancer's Vengeance, Radical Coalescence, Rage, Rage of the North, Rapid Setup, Renewing Pod, Renewing Seed, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Resuscitating Chant, Ride the Wind, Rite of the Forge, Salvaged Tablet, Shared Vigor, Shattered Reflection, Shoot to Kill, Sign of Faith, Soul Consumption, Sparking Destruction, Spiritual Conflagration, Static Flux, Stealth, Stellar Mana Tonic, Storm Armor, Swift Shot, Symbiosis, Symbol of the Sun, Vital Inspiration, Vitality of Stone, Volcanic Bomb, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Ward of Scorching, Warlord's Greater Sandstone, Warmaster's Crystal, Wild Growth, Zealotry

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