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Wait, what is this?!

TPT is a CombatLog parser for Rift, designed by (actual) players, for (other actual) players.

Enable combat logging (/combatlog) in-game, engage in epic battles, zip up the generated logs and feed them to our turtles!

For more information, check out our online help, or have a look through the sessions that other users have uploaded.

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Recent Sessions

15 hours ago <Khalim'na> Mind of Madness -> MoM farm #53856
2 days ago <Nefarious> Mind of Madness Practice Dummies -> MoM 9/9 HM Arak Down! Nef NA #1
3 days ago <Mistakes Were Made> Mind of Madness -> Pagura + Arak
4 days ago <Orphanage> Comet of Ahnket -> COA hm runz
4 days ago <Nefarious> Mind of Madness -> MoM 6/9
5 days ago <Nefarious> Comet of Ahnket -> CoA Raid Pi
5 days ago <Nefarious> Comet of Ahnket -> CoA HM
5 days ago <Khalim'na> Comet of Ahnket -> CoA fun - solohealing etc.
6 days ago <GraySkull> Comet of Ahnket -> COA
9 days ago <Nefarious> Mind of Madness -> MoM 8/9 (almost rapid)

Most recent changes

  • 08/10/2016 - HP values for post-nerf CoA have been updated - flat 30% reduction. Let us know if any more encounters get flagged incorrectly!
  • 13/08/2016 - The turtle responsible for logging users in has had his attitude adjusted, and now lets everyone in, particularly those who type their passwords correctly.
  • 31/07/2016 - The bug preventing Pagura kills from updating the leaderboard has well and truly been flattened. The anvil was overkill, but it's gone now!
  • 14/06/2016 - The Lord Fionn encounter within CoA now detects normal mode vs hard mode correctly
  • 28/05/2016 - Updated all of the HP values for Easy/Normal/Hard mode CoA
  • 28/05/2016 - Added French and German difficulty detection for CoA

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