<Nefarious> vs Nightstalker Caelon (Hard mode)

Started: 17/07/2016 1:29:38 PM Fight Length: 00:02:30

0 damage done per second
51937 healing done per second
93544 absorption granted per second

Boss: Nightstalker Caelon Instance: Comet of Ahnket Deaths: 0
Guild: <Nefarious> Uploaded by: Hewi    
NPC Casts seen: Caelon's Embrace (Nightstalker Caelon)
Debuffs seen: Battle Weary, Bitter Aftertaste, Blazing Light, Brutalize, Building Rage, Burnout, Cadenza, Claw Swipe, Coda of Jeopardy, Combined Effort, Conductivity, Consuming Depths, Cutting Slash, Death Touch, Debilitating Dart, Deep Freeze, Enrage, Ethereal Ascension, Ethereal Corruption, Excoriate, Expose Weakness, Field Weary, Flesh Rip, Flood of Light, Frozen Wrath, Jagged Strike, Lightning, Medicinal Leeching, Messy Wounds, Open the Stream, Overheated, Pressurize, Puncture, Recharging, Sanction, Savage Blow, Searing Plasma, Strangulate, Subsume, Tearing Slash, Tranquility, Triage Weary, Twin Cuts, Unstable Energy, Vex, Viral Infection, Void Touch
Buffs seen: Aggressive Defense, Alacrity, Arcane Shielding, Biofeedback, Blackout, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Boiling Rage, Bond of Shelter, Building Pressure, Call of Blood, Call of Kinship, Call of Savagery, Call of the Forest, Caregiver's Blessing, Combat Focus, Combined Effort, Command to Attack, Command to Recover, Command to Stand Ground, Consuming Flame, Counter Shock, Crystalline Shield, Diversify, Effervescence, Eldritch Crystal, Elemental Affinity, Emergency Response, Enrage, Expectant Treatment, Explosive Intent, Explosive Potential, Feed the Flames, Fiery Will, Flame of Life, Flames of Precognition, Flashover, Flashpoint, Flurry, Font of Sublimation, Frosted Shield, Gathering of Flames, Glaciate, Grasping the Horizon, Illustrious Bottle of Critical Strikes, Intensive Care, Latent Blaze, Life Insurance, Mana Aegis, Medicinal Leeching, Mirrored Strike, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Regeneration, Motif of Tenacity, Nexus of Darkness, Outpouring of Essence, Phenomenal Bottle of Critical Strikes, Phenomenal Bottle of Spellstrikes, Poison Malice, Preemptive Therapy, Primal Avatar: Thresher, Primal Lucidity, Rage of the North, Readiness, Repeated Strikes, Reservoir of Power, Resilient Soul, Resonating Strikes, Return to Harmony, Rising Heat, Rite of the Forge, Scatter Strike, Setting Moon, Shadesource, Shattered Reflection, Shield of the North Wind, Shield Surge, Shielding Charge, Shifting Blades, Sign of Anticipation, Sign of Faith, Simultaneous Treatment, Singed Spirit, Slip Away, Slow Burn, Soul Consumption, Sparking Destruction, Spiritual Conflagration, Stealth, Storm Front, Supercharge, Supportive Care, Swirling Winds, Symbol of the Sun, Thread of Death, Touch the Light, Unassailable, Vaporize, Verse of Joy, Verse of Occlusion, Virtuoso, Vortex, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warlord's Greater Sandstone, Warmaster's Crystal

Raid Makeup

1 5 2 2

Tanks: Amphe
DPS: Hewi, Ionid, Xerrak, Cayzer, Jafff
Supports: Errollyn, Crazzed
Healers: Enathrae, Bab

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