<Sanctum Guardians> vs Ungolok (Hard mode)

Started: 27/08/2015 4:54:59 PM Fight Length: 00:04:36

0 damage done per second
35360 healing done per second
29037 absorption granted per second

Boss: Ungolok Instance: The Rhen of Fate Deaths: 3
Guild: <Sanctum Guardians> Uploaded by: Tiarna    
NPC Casts seen: Breaking Loose (Ungolok), Building Pressure (Ungolok), Fatal Current (Ungolok), Furious Charge (Ungolok), Ink Blast (Ungolok), Pressure Burst (Ungolok), Puncture Heart (Captive Terror)
Debuffs seen: Ashen Defense, Battle Weary, Biting Wind, Blademark, Blazing Light, Brutalize, Burnout, Cadenza, Chain Reversal, Clinging Spirit, Coda of Jeopardy, Combined Effort, Conductivity, Corrosive Spores, Crumbling Resistance, Cut, Dark Touch, Decaying Defenses, Deep Freeze, Dire Corruption, Dusk to Dawn, Explosive Infestation, Fester, Fiery Spike, Flesh Rot, Flood of Light, Frozen Volition, Frozen Wrath, Infestation, Lightning, Lucent Slash, Marrow Harvest, Necrotic Wounds, Overheated, Piercing Beam, Radiant Spores, Recharging, Ruin, Sanction, Scourge, Searing Vitality, Soul Brand, Soul Sickness, Symbiotic Backlash, Symbol of Corruption, Vex, Vile Spit, Vile Spores, Volcanic Bomb, Vorpal Slash, Withering Vine
Buffs seen: Annihilation Crystal, Arcane Shielding, Arcanist's Shield, Ashen Defense, Avenging Shield, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Blighted Greed, Boon of Life, Caregiver's Blessing, Combat Alacrity, Combined Effort, Counter Shock, Crumbling Resistance, Crystalline Shield, Dark Descent, Dark Malady, Diversify, Earthen Barrage, Ebon Fury, Echoing Concord, Eldritch Crystal, Eldritch Gift, Emptiness, Entropic Veil, Fanaticism, Fanfare of Power, Fanfare of Vigor, Feed the Flames, Fiery Will, Flame of Life, Flaring Power, Flashover, Fortification of Ice, Frosted Shield, Gathering of Flames, Glaciate, Gladiator Combat Training, Healing Balance, Judicial Privilege, Latent Blaze, Lava Field, Life and Death Concord, Living Flame, Mana Aegis, Mental Resilience, Mind Break Stun Blocker, Misdirection, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Regeneration, Motif of Tenacity, Nightrage, Petrified Barnacle Rune, Precision Strikes, Radical Coalescence, Rage, Rage of the North, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Resurgence, Ride the Wind, Rite of the Forge, Salvaged Tablet, Scatter Strike, Scourge of Darkness, Searing Vitality, Shadesource, Shattered Reflection, Shield Surge, Shielding Charge, Sign of Daring, Sign of Faith, Soul Consumption, Spark Shower, Sparking Destruction, Storm Front, Supercharge, Symbiosis, Symbol of the Sun, Terror, Touch of Darkness, Touch the Light, Verse of Joy, Vile Ichor, Virtuoso, Volcanic Bomb, Vortex, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warlord's Greater Sandstone, Warmaster's Crystal, Wild Growth, Zealotry

Raid Makeup

1 5 2 2

Tanks: Ilaena
DPS: Boccino, Heckie, Tiarna, Elip, Gilgames
Supports: Bananeus, Paulrowdy
Healers: Dannel, Havranek

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