<Animus> vs Ungolok (Hard mode)

Started: 18/09/2015 1:21:38 AM Fight Length: 00:03:48

0 damage done per second
36378 healing done per second
32363 absorption granted per second

Boss: Ungolok Instance: The Rhen of Fate Deaths: 1
Guild: <Animus> Uploaded by: Whisperfoot    
NPC Casts seen: Breaking Loose (Ungolok), Building Pressure (Ungolok), Fatal Current (Ungolok), Furious Charge (Ungolok), Ink Blast (Ungolok), Pressure Burst (Ungolok), Puncture Heart (Captive Terror)
Debuffs seen: Ashen Defense, Barbed Shot, Battle Weary, Blademark, Blazing Light, Burnout, Cadence, Cadenza, Call of the Depths, Chain Reversal, Coda of Jeopardy, Conductivity, Crumbling Resistance, Cut, Decaying Defenses, Dehydrate, Dire Corruption, Explosive Infestation, Fester, Flesh Rot, Flood of Light, Hailstorm, Infestation, Instigate, Lightning Fury, Living Storm, Lucent Slash, Necrotic Wounds, Oversaturation, Piercing Beam, Pillaging Stone, Planar Attraction, Rending Slash, Rift Disturbance, Soul Sickness, Unstable Energy, Vile Spit, Vile Spores, Volcanic Bomb, Vorpal Slash, Wrath of the Planes
Buffs seen: Adamant Resolve, Aggressive Defense, Arcanist's Shield, Ashen Defense, Avenging Shield, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Bull's Eye, Caregiver's Blessing, Cascade, Combat Alacrity, Crest of Entropy, Crumbling Resistance, Deaden, Defer Death, Dire Step, Earthen Barrage, Eldritch Crystal, Eldritch Gift, Faith's Reward, Feed the Flames, Final Breath, Flame of Life, Flaring Power, Flashover, Gathering of Flames, Gladiator Combat Training, Guarded Steel, Hasted Shot, Healing Flood, Healing Spray, Insult to Injury, Introspection, Latent Blaze, Lava Field, Lightning Blade, Living Storm, Luminous Weapon, Maelstrom Crystal, Mind Break Stun Blocker, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Regeneration, Motif of Tenacity, Phantom Blades, Phantom Blow, Pillaging Stone, Planar Refuge, Planebound Aegis, Precision Strikes, Reaper's Blade, Reef Barrier, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Rite of the Forge, Shoot to Kill, Side Steps, Sign of Faith, Soothing Stream, Spark Shower, Sparking Destruction, Stonesource, Swift Shot, Symbol of the Sun, Symbol of the Torch, Terror, Tidal Surge, Touch the Light, Verse of Joy, Vile Ichor, Virtuoso, Volcanic Bomb, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warlord's Greater Sandstone, Warmaster's Crystal

Raid Makeup

1 4 2 3

Tanks: Gruuuuuu
DPS: Phtusy, Atilaa, Jupyros, Raxxy
Supports: Funkymunks, Whisperfoot
Healers: Casidie, Veeroth, Tycorta

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