<Valiant> vs TarJulia (Normal mode)

Started: 20/10/2017 1:23:04 AM Fight Length: 00:05:53

0 damage done per second
400136 healing done per second
53782 absorption granted per second

Boss: TarJulia Instance: Tartaric Depths Deaths: 3
Guild: <Valiant> Uploaded by: Flashwit    
NPC Casts seen: Call for Help (TarJulia), Molten Blast (TarJulia), Rage (TarJulia), Spider's Weave (TarJulia)
Debuffs seen: Bitter Aftertaste, Brutalize, Censure, Coda of Cowardice, Coda of Distress, Combined Effort, Consuming Depths, Corrosive Spores, Deep Freeze, Dusk to Dawn, Eruption of Life, Extraordinary Care, Fragmentation Sticky Bomb, Frozen Wrath, Hot Hands, Icy Command, Lightning, Natural Splendor, Overheated, Planar Exhaustion, Rebuke, Recharging, Ruin, Scatter Sticky Bomb, Spider's Weave, Squall, Vile Spores, Withering Vine
Buffs seen: Adamant Resolve, Adrenaline Overdrive, Aegis of Advocacy, Ameliorate, Apex Predator, Arcane Shielding, Berserker's Vitality, Blackout, Boon of Life, Break Free, Charged Mirror, Combined Effort, Continuous Treatment, Corrective Measures, Counter Shock, Diversify, Divine Right, Eldritch Crystal, Emptiness, Entropic Veil, Explosion of Life, Fading Light, Faith's Reward, Fanfare of Power, Fanfare of Vigor, Final Countdown, Font of Savagery, Frost Barrier, Frosted Shield, Fury, Glaciate, Healing Balance, Just Defense, Light Makes Right, Light's Shield, Living Flame, Locus of Destruction, Mass Casualty Response, Mass Rescue, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Tenacity, Nightrage, Omnox's Gaze, Orchestra of the Planes, Petrified Barnacle Rune, Rage of the North, Reckoning, Redress, Relentless, Reliquary of Ingenuity, Reliquary of Rage, Renewing Pod, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Resurgence, Return to Harmony, Salvaged Tablet, Scatter Strike, Scent of Blood, Scourge of Darkness, Shattered Reflection, Shield of the North Wind, Shield Surge, Shielding Charge, Shifting Wind, Smiting Force, Soul Consumption, Steadfast Rejuvenation, Stellar Mana Tonic, Storm Front, Supercharge, Thunderhead, Touch of Darkness, Tremor, Verse of Purity, Virtuoso, Vortex, Warmaster's Crystal, Wild Growth, Zephyr

Raid Makeup

2 5 1 2

Tanks: Hautie, Missbre
DPS: Flashwit, Sorgaz, Elexes, Pooteress, Kaetla
Supports: Lakiarch
Healers: Exiah, Quintilius

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