<Veritas et Aequitas> vs Finric (Normal mode)

Started: 1/04/2015 9:08:43 PM Fight Length: 00:06:27

0 damage done per second
18282 healing done per second
54662 absorption granted per second

Boss: Finric Instance: The Rhen of Fate Deaths: 2
Guild: <Veritas et Aequitas> Uploaded by: Arrensen    
NPC Casts seen: Brutal Spray (Finric), Brutal Swell (Finric)
Debuffs seen: Ashen Defense, Barbed Shot, Battle Weary, Biting Wind, Blazing Light, Brutalize, Burnout, Censure, Combined Effort, Conductivity, Contagion, Corroded Defense, Crumbling Resistance, Dark Touch, Decaying Defenses, Deep Freeze, Dire Corruption, Enervated Protection, Eruption of Life, Explosive Infestation, Fester, Flesh Rot, Frozen Wrath, Hailstorm, Infestation, Insignia of Protection, Lightning, Lightning Fury, Living Storm, Lucent Slash, Necrotic Wounds, Overheated, Piercing Beam, Provoke, Raging Storm, Recharging, Rejuvenated, Righteous Imperative, Seeping Consumption, Seeping Frailty, Soul Brand, Soul Sickness, Storm Fury, Storm Locus, Toxin, Unstable Energy, Vex, Viral Infection, Volcanic Bomb, Vorpal Slash, Wasting Insignia, Waterlogged
Buffs seen: Aggressive Defense, Annihilation Crystal, Arcane Shielding, Arcanist's Shield, Ascended Jumper, Ascended Jumping, Ashen Defense, Auxiliary Plan, Avenging Shield, Battle Fury, Battle Remote, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Brutality, Bubble, Bull's Eye, Caregiver's Blessing, Cleansing Chant, Combat Alacrity, Combined Effort, Crest of Entropy, Crumbling Resistance, Curative Blast, Curative Core, Curative Engine, Defend the Fallen, Dire Step, Diversify, Divine Right, Earthen Barrage, Eldritch Crystal, Eldritch Gift, Electrified, Emblem of Alacrity, Emblem of Ice, Emergency Response, Expectant Treatment, Faith's Freedom, Feed the Flames, Flaring Power, Frosted Shield, Gathering of Flames, Glaciate, Gladiator Combat Training, Group Therapy, Hasted Shot, Insignia of Protection, Inspiration of Battle, Inspiration of Survival, Inspiration of the Keep, Just Defense, Latent Blaze, Lava Field, Light Makes Right, Living Storm, Mana Aegis, Mental Cynosure, Necrotic Core, On the Double, Power Core, Precept of Refuge, Precision Strikes, Premonition, Rage, Rage of the North, Reckoning, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Resuscitating Chant, Sacrifice, Shared Agony, Shared Vigor, Shattered Reflection, Shield of the North Wind, Shielding Charge, Shoot to Kill, Sign of Anticipation, Sign of Faith, Simultaneous Treatment, Soldier's Bearing, Sparking Destruction, Spiritual Conflagration, Static Flux, Stonesource, Storm Front, Strafe, Supercharge, Swift Shot, Swirling Winds, Symbol of the Sun, Symbol of the Torch, Total Assurance, Touch the Light, Vengeance of the Winter Storm, Vital Inspiration, Vitality of Stone, Volcanic Bomb, Vortex, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warmaster's Crystal, Windwalk

Raid Makeup

1 6 1 2

Tanks: Zelah
DPS: Zehnvierzig, Arrensen, Myrtari, Robulus, Nehira, Siggi
Supports: Niirah
Healers: Eladryen, Cyrai

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