<Transcendent> vs Guurloth (Hard mode)

Started: 17/01/2016 10:04:52 PM Fight Length: 00:05:09

0 damage done per second
28482 healing done per second
49904 absorption granted per second

Boss: Guurloth Instance: Intrepid Gilded Prophecy Deaths: 2
Guild: <Transcendent> Uploaded by: Maha    
NPC Casts seen: Boulder of Destruction (Guurloth), Crystalline Reaction (Guurloth), Dance with Death (Guurloth), Earth Barrage (Guurloth), Earthen Geyser (Guurloth), Earthen Toil (Guurloth), Explosive Crystal (Guurloth), Guurloth's Call (Guurloth), Orb of Searing Power (Guurloth), Rumbling Earth (Guurloth), The Point (Guurloth)
Debuffs seen: Ashen Defense, Avalanche, Battle Weary, Biting Wind, Bitter Aftertaste, Blade Rush, Blademark, Blazing Light, Blind., Building Rage, Burnout, Conductivity, Conflagrate, Corroded Defense, Crumbling Resistance, Crystalline Reaction, Death Touch, Debilitating Dart, Dusk to Dawn, Earthen Punishment, Ethereal Beam, Expose Weakness, Fiery Spike, Flash of Steel, Flood of Light, Fury Blast, Hemophilia, Insignia of Protection, Jagged Strike, Lucent Slash, Molten Wave, Open the Stream, Overheated, Piercing Beam, Pillaging Stone, Puncture, Radiant Spores, Recharging, Rejuvenated, Rending Slash, Searing Vitality, Tranquility, Vile Spores, Volcanic Bomb, Vorpal Slash, Wasting Insignia
Buffs seen: Aggressive Defense, Alacrity, Arcane Aegis, Arcane Shielding, Arcanist's Shield, Armor of Devotion, Ashen Defense, Avenging Shield, Battle Fury, Blade Tempo, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Boon of Resurgence, Boon of Vitality, Caregiver's Blessing, Clarity of Focus, Combat Alacrity, Combat Focus, Counter Shock, Crumbling Resistance, Crystalline Shield, Dark Descent, Dark Malady, Deadly Dance, Defend the Fallen, Diversify, Earthen Barrage, Ebon Fury, Eldritch Crystal, Eldritch Gift, Elemental Affinity, Emblem of Alacrity, Emblem of Ice, Emptiness, Empyrean Ascension, Explosive Intent, Faith's Freedom, Faith's Reward, Feed the Flames, Flame of Life, Flaring Power, Flashover, Flurry, Friend of Guurloth, Frosted Shield, Gathering of Flames, Glacial Mark, Glaciate, Grasping the Horizon, Growing Friendship, Illustrious Bottle of Critical Strikes, Insignia of Protection, Inspiration of Battle, Inspiration of Survival, Inspiration of the Keep, Insult to Injury, Introspection, Juke and Run, Latent Blaze, Lava Field, Living Flame, Mana Aegis, Nightrage, Phantom Blades, Pillaging Stone, Poison Malice, Premonition, Primal Avatar: Drake, Protection of Dance, Readiness, Reaper's Blade, Repeated Strikes, Resonating Strikes, Resuscitating Chant, Return to Harmony, Rite of the Forge, Scatter Strike, Scourge of Darkness, Searing Vitality, Setting Moon, Shared Vigor, Shattered Reflection, Shield of the North Wind, Shield of Will, Shield Surge, Shielding Charge, Shifting Blades, Sigil of Concentration, Sigil of Rage, Sign of Faith, Slip Away, Soul Steal, Spark Shower, Sparking Destruction, Spiritual Conflagration, Stealth, Stonesource, Storm Front, Storm Shroud, Supercharge, Supplicant's Haste, Swift Shot, Swirling Winds, Symbol of the Sun, Symbol of the Torch, The Point Protection, Thread of Death, Touch of Darkness, Touch the Light, Twilight Transcendence, Vengeance of the Winter Storm, Vital Inspiration, Vitality of Stone, Volcanic Bomb, Vortex, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warmaster's Crystal

Raid Makeup

1 5 2 2

Tanks: Axynia
DPS: Secretsystem, Maha, Thamiya, Waroxi, Filrii
Supports: Tartuk, Coachbronzee
Healers: Takeleiun, Exrayyy

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