<AI> vs Duke Eblius (Normal mode)

Started: 9/07/2016 7:54:06 AM Fight Length: 00:06:47

0 damage done per second
47421 healing done per second
38497 absorption granted per second

Boss: Duke Eblius Instance: Comet of Ahnket Deaths: 1
Guild: <AI> Uploaded by: Aegileader    
NPC Casts seen: Blazing Implosion (Aliavax Standard Bearer), Blazing Ruin (Duke Eblius), Call to Arms (Duke Eblius), Soul Sear (Aliavax Standard Bearer), Sulphurous Blight (Duke Eblius), Triage (Aliavax Battle Shaman)
Debuffs seen: Barbed Shot, Battle Weary, Biting Wind, Blazing Implosion, Blazing Light, Building Rage, Burnout, Cadenza, Choking Flood, Clinging Spirit, Coda of Jeopardy, Consuming Depths, Cutting Slash, Enrage, Ethereal Ascension, Field Weary, Flood of Light, Icy Command, Infernal Sunder, Lightning Fury, Marrow Harvest, Messy Wounds, Overheated, Recharging, Sanction, Scourge, Soul Brand, Strangulate, Sulphurous Blight, Symbol of Corruption, Thwarted Might, Tranquility, Twin Cuts, Unstable Energy, Vex, Void Touch
Buffs seen: Adrenaline Overdrive, Aegis of Advocacy, Aggressive Defense, Ameliorate, Annihilation Crystal, Arcane Shielding, Avenging Shield, Blackout, Blade Tempo, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Bond of Shelter, Bull's Eye, Call of Kinship, Call of Savagery, Caregiver's Blessing, Citadel of Ice, Command to Attack, Command to Stand Ground, Continuous Treatment, Corrective Measures, Counter Shock, Crystalline Shield, Crystallize, Deaden Protection, Diversify, Ebb and Flow, Echoing Concord, Eldritch Gift, Electrified, Enrage, Extraordinary Care, Faith's Freedom, Fanaticism, Feed the Flames, Fiery Will, Flame of Life, Flame Ward, Flashover, Fortification of Ice, Frosted Shield, Gathering of Flames, Glaciate, Infernal Fulfillment, Innumerable Shadows, Judicial Privilege, Latent Blaze, Life and Death Concord, Lightning Charge, Mana Aegis, Mass Casualty Response, Mass Rescue, Medical Facility, Mental Resilience, Mirrored Strike, Misdirection, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Regeneration, Motif of Tenacity, Nexus of Darkness, Prolonged Recovery, Radical Coalescence, Rage, Redress, Rending Shield, Repeated Strikes, Rift Tomb, Scatter Strike, Shadow Twin, Shattered Reflection, Shield of the North Wind, Shield Surge, Shielding Charge, Shoot to Kill, Sign of Daring, Sign of Faith, Sparking Destruction, Storm Front, Supercharge, Swift Shot, Swirling Winds, Symbol of the Sun, Symbol of the Torch, Touch the Light, Verse of Joy, Verse of Purity, Virtuoso, Vortex, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warlord's Greater Sandstone, Warmaster's Crystal, Zealotry

Raid Makeup

2 4 2 2

Tanks: Chickster, Eitedri
DPS: Bonelightt, Bupu, Aegileader, Taesty
Supports: Headsticker, Hypnotoadsglory
Healers: Wtfomg, Barbiegirl

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