<Impulse> vs Finric (Normal mode)

Started: 9/10/2015 2:15:02 AM Fight Length: 00:06:16

0 damage done per second
28449 healing done per second
33512 absorption granted per second

Boss: Finric Instance: The Rhen of Fate Deaths: 1
Guild: <Impulse> Uploaded by: Jabnlab    
NPC Casts seen: Brutal Spray (Finric), Brutal Swell (Finric)
Debuffs seen: Airburst, Ashen Defense, Battle Weary, Blazing Light, Burnout, Cadenza, Coda of Jeopardy, Conductivity, Conflagrate, Contagion, Crumbling Resistance, Dire Corruption, Ethereal Beam, Explosive Infestation, Fester, Fiery Burst, Flamespear, Frost Strike, Fury Blast, Glacial Chill, Infestation, Instigate, Interfere, Internal Combustion, Lucent Slash, Mass Instigate, Molten Wave, Piercing Beam, Resistant, Rift Disturbance, Rift Summon, Rift Summon., Soul Brand, Torrent Overload, Toxin, Unstable Energy, Viral Infection, Volcanic Bomb, Vorpal Slash, Waterlogged, Wrath of the Planes
Buffs seen: Aggressive Block, Arcanist's Shield, Ascended Jumper, Ascended Jumping, Ashen Defense, Auxiliary Plan, Battle Remote, Blazing Light, Blessing of Flame, Brutality, Bubble, Caregiver's Blessing, Clarity of Focus, Combat Alacrity, Crumbling Resistance, Curative Blast, Curative Core, Dire Step, Earthen Barrage, Eldritch Crystal, Eldritch Gift, Elemental Affinity, Enhanced Burst, Expectant Treatment, Faith's Freedom, Faith's Reward, Fanfare of Power, Fanfare of Vigor, Feed the Flames, Fiery Burst, Fiery Will, Flaring Power, Flashover, Fortification of Ice, Fusion of Flesh, Gathering of Flames, Gladiator Combat Training, Group Therapy, Guarded Steel, Icy Burst, Insult to Injury, Introspection, Juke and Run, Latent Blaze, Lava Field, Maintenance Therapy, Mental Cynosure, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Regeneration, Motif of Tenacity, Necrotic Core, Phantom Blow, Physical Wellness, Power Core, Power Shield, Precision Strikes, Primal Avatar: Drake, Protective Shield, Rending Shield, Resonating Strikes, Return to Harmony, Rift Burst, Rift Shield, Rift Strike, Rite of the Forge, Sacrifice, Sign of Faith, Simultaneous Treatment, Soldier's Bearing, Spark Shower, Sparking Destruction, Symbol of the Sun, Touch the Light, Verse of Joy, Virtuoso, Volcanic Bomb, Ward of Fire, Ward of Flame, Warmaster's Crystal

Raid Makeup

2 4 2 2

Tanks: Noquarter, Ichago
DPS: Primalnexus, Labnjab, Mertoc, Serrek
Supports: Krethus, Kengeorge
Healers: Jabnlab, Kostina

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