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Hailol (US PvE)
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Chaoticfear Member
moistalways Uploader
Roughday Administrator
Scotis Member
Tegwyn Administrator
Tilar Uploader
Tomahawkzombie Uploader
Trollbait Uploader
Whodefilesanymore Uploader
Worsethanyou Uploader
Xentex Uploader
Zipplocbag Member

Raid Progression

If an encounter has a number next to it, such as #1 or #10, that represents this guild holds the the nth fastest kill time, not the nth best parse by kill time by guild.

For example, if guild A has killed encounter B in 5:30 and 5:31 and this guild has killed encounter B with a fastest time of 5:35, then the rank will be #3.

Comet of Ahnket (0/6 EM, 6/6 NM, 6/6 HM)

Easy mode
Azaphrentus Duke Eblius Fyragnos Hericius Lord Fionn Nightstalker Caelon
Normal mode
Hard mode

Greenscale's Blight (0/5 NM)

Normal mode
Duke Letareus Infiltrator Johlen Lord Greenscale Oracle Aleria Prince Hylas

Hammerknell Fortress (0/11 NM)

Normal mode
Akylios Estrode Grugonim Inquisitor Garau Inwar Darktide Matron Zamira Murdantix Rune King Molinar Sicaron Soulrender Zilas Vladmal Prime

Intrepid Gilded Prophecy (0/4 EM, 1/4 NM, 3/4 HM)

Easy mode
Anrak the Foul Guurloth Thalguur Uruluuk
Normal mode
Anrak the Foul Guurloth Thalguur Uruluuk (#2)
Hard mode
Anrak the Foul (#2) Guurloth (#1) Thalguur (#1) Uruluuk

Intrepid Rise Of The Phoenix (0/5 NM)

Normal mode
Beruhast Ereandorn General Silgen High Priest Arakhurn Seething Core

Mind of Madness (9/10 NM, 1/1 HM)

Normal mode
Dark Genesis (#36) Fauxmire (#22) Lady Envy (#20) Lady Justice (#23) Lord Arak (#12) Pagura (#9) Pillars of Justice (#7) Pure Evil (#3) The Arisen Arak The Enigma (#28)
Hard mode
Lady Justice (#11)

Mount Sharax (0/5 NM)

Normal mode
Bulf Izkinra Jinoscoth The Yrlwalach Threngar

Tartaric Depths (0/4 NM)

Normal mode
Beligosh Council of Fate Malannon TarJulia

The Bastion of Steel (0/3 NM)

Normal mode
Azranel Commander Isiel Titan X

The Rhen of Fate (0/4 EM, 4/4 NM, 0/4 HM)

Easy mode
Drekanoth of Fate Finric Skelf Brothers Ungolok
Normal mode
Hard mode
Drekanoth of Fate Finric Skelf Brothers Ungolok